Since many years we adress ourself to the task of increasing the success of our handicraft and to maintain and restore the wonderful witness of our history. On this way we had the possibility to let some treasures already glean in the original shine.
You can see here a little variety of these projects:


DAS BIEDERMEIER in Neuwied and Middle Rhine Exhibition of Roentgen Museum in 2019


Biedermeier Möbel im Louis van Beethoven Film


Turmmuseum Restaurierung ausgestellter Möbel


Laurent Rochette

Chest of drawers from France, in the middle of the 18 th century. This chest of drawers was signed by Laurent Rochette, Ebenist in Paris, 1723-1772, restaurating of the field interfaces and of the strip inserts as well as of the marmor plate and of the original fire golded locks and of the metal fittings. […]


The Raiffeisen Room

The Biedermeier Salon consisted of one couch and one set of 8 chairs, of a half gardrobe and one round table with a wonderful star veneered plywood of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. Some furniture pieces are by massiv and veneered walnut, they were in Mainz 1837/1838. Antiquities Daniel C. Nagel / Bad Honnef


The bed of Goethe

The bed of Johann Wolfgang Baron of Goethe. This is another seldom and historically valuable furniture. The family history says that this bed after the death of the direct line of one family member this bed had to be donated to the remaining part of the family side line. In the testament of Amalia Goethe […]


Writing desk with drawers of King Wilhelm the second

Schiffssekretär von Kaiser Wilhelm dem II. auf der Hohenzollern, welche 1892 in Kaiseradler umbenannt wurde. Ein seltenes und historisch wertvolles Möbel – Restauration im eigenen Atelier von Antiquitäten Daniel C. Nagel


House Brueckhausen

House Brueckhausen in Münsterland. The present old furniture from different epoches of style have been here restorated. All the furniture have been partially threated with oil and wax, pickled or be threated by shellac. Other antiquities like chairs, desks, wardrobes were combined with the other furniture inside the rooms. Antiquities Daniel C. Nagel / Bad […]


Castle Huis Bergh

The castle Huis Bergh is in the Netherlands. Some guest rooms in the towers and their with chairs, tables und wardrobes have been individually furnished in different style epochs such as Biedermeier, wilhelminian style, baroc style, and in different wood types such as kirch wood, walnut, oak tree. We checked the whole furniture and then […]


Castle of Wissen

Castle of Wissen, lower Rhin. Also here we furnished the guest rooms with old furniture selected from our lager. Many chairs, wardrobes and tables have been choosed and then finished in our workshop rooms. Antiquities Daniel C. Nagel /Bad Honnef