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Veneered Cherry wood Television Bank Biedermeier Style

We produce for you Cherry Wood furniture Biedermeier style or of other style eras.

Custom-made productionn of Cherry.-Wood furniture, little furniture as chairs, commodes, sideboards, side tables, dining tables.

Artikelnummer: 5087
Antiquitäten Daniel C. Nagel | Bad Honnef

Made to measure of cherry wood arm chairs

These arm chairs named Bergeren, have been manufactured according to an original seating furniture.
Some measures, seat height, leaning height and leaning width, have been changed for the client.
We have constructed the arm chair, we have cushioned it including also the basic material.

Art. Nr: 4471
Antiquities Daniel C. Nagel /Bad Honnef

Artikelnummer: 4471
Antiquitäten Daniel C. Nagel | Bad Honnef

Seat bench Biedermeier Style massiv red cherry wood

Seat bench Biedermeier Style, massiv red cherry wood. In many types regarding the forms of the legs, the height, the width, the depth, the upholstery, the fabric cover or leather fiber cover .
We reproduce for you the furniture accordingly to your wishes in different types of wood (cherry wood, walnut, oak, mahogany wood) Accordingly to your antiquities we design for you little furniture with a great surface and reflecting versions / types of styles. We also produce accordingly to Biedermeier wardrobes also little commodes, writing desks, dining garnishs,(desks and chairs). What we do are special manufactures according to old craftmanship.
If you have seen in another place a furniture that you like, send us a photograph with the ideas of the dimensions o fit, we will maike for you the furniture.

Article Nr. 4133
Antiquities Daniel C. Nagel / Bad Honnef

Artikelnummer: 4133
Antiquitäten Daniel C. Nagel | Bad Honnef

Biedermeier Furniture Exclusive armchairs reproductions style furniture

Biedermeier armchairs massiv red cherry wood. We reproduce red cherry wood furniture in the biedermeier style, also in different wood types.
Chairs, cabinets, desks, side tables, dressers and replicas of Originals.
Your will tell us your ideas and your wishes (dimensions and the execution) and we will send you an offer.
Article Nr.: 4136
Antiquities Daniel C. Nagel / Bad Honnef

Artikelnummer: 4136
Antiquitäten Daniel C. Nagel | Bad Honnef

Biedermeier made to measure furniture

We produce accordingly to the wishes of the clients made to measure furniture in different types of wood. This extendable table has been produced with silk matt surface. An original pillar of a dining table was the template for the pillar of this table. The dimensions and design oft he table top were specified by the customer.
Generally we always offer extendable tables, tables with many extendable plates, tables with insert plates. Our clients can choose the regarding to the execution of the table legs, if they have to be slightly curved or straight.

Article Nr. 3913
Antiquities Daniel C. Nagel / Bad Honnef

Artikelnummer: 3913
Antiquitäten Daniel C. Nagel | Bad Honnef