Original Biedermeier Furniture

Here you find a great choice of our original Biedermeier cherry wood furniture.
Also antique original furniture in the wood types walnut, mahogany,ash, birch, can also be offered to you.

The stately beauty of the furniture that we offer you will make you happy.
We present you here wardrobes, sideboards, secretaries, tables and chairs.

On our exibition area of 500 m2 we offer a great number of biedermeier furniture in the cities of Bonn/Cologne/Düsseldorf.

We are one of the greatest dealers of Biedermeier furniture in the whole Germany. Because of our long experience with treasures we are also experts of restaurating of original Biedermeier furniture and also of other Styl epoches as for example Empire, Louis Seize, Art Deco, Gründerzeit style.
We buy as well some unrestaurated furniture as also we reproduce high quality Biedermeier style furniture and custom-made Biedermeier style furniture.
One of the most important qualities of the Biedermeier style is the union between functionality and romantic aesthetics.:
We would be happy if you visit us and you discover new aspects of this wonderful style in our sortiment.
If you visit us many times you will find also new furnitures of this very important style in our Product line.
In the case that we cannot find the furniture that you wish on our homepage, then we beg you to contact us.
We store also a great number of non restaurated Biedermeier furniture