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Biedermeier cherry wood wardrobe 1820

Biedermeier wardrobe, Rhenania, massiv cherry wood, typical pedestal feet with ebonised mouldings and partially ebonised cover.

State: Already restaurated. The old surface had been completely washed by spiritus, in order to be able to maintain the original patina. Cracks had been newly glued and had been closed with a wood filler. A new surface had been created. Hand polishing by shellack.

Dimensions: 190 x 130 x 055
Art. Nr: 5002
Antiquities Daniel C. Nagel / Bad Honnef

Artikelnummer: 5002
Antiquitäten Daniel C. Nagel | Bad Honnef

Original Biedermeier cherry solid wood wardrobe 1825 SOLD

Original Biedermeier cherry solid wood wardrobe, typical lineally
designed panels and doors equipped with applying clamp hinges on
the doors. Antiquities for modern houses.

Dimensions: 186 x 130 x 051
State: Original condition Door paneels have to be newly glued
and the ruptures have to be closed. A new forming of the surface is

We offer you the complete program. Choose between part……

Artikelnummer: 5078
Antiquitäten Daniel C. Nagel | Bad Honnef

Veneered cherry Wood coffee table Biedermeier Style

Custom-made furniture individual cherry wood and waldnut furniture. As also many other types of wood. You can buy them in the business and show rooms of Daniel C. Nagel Antiquities in Bad Homburg.
If you give us the measures we will prepare for you custom-made furniture Biedermeier Style.
Art. Nr. 5081

Artikelnummer: 5081
Antiquitäten Daniel C. Nagel | Bad Honnef

Biedermeier Sideboard by massiv and veneered cherry wood 1828/1830

Original Biedermeier sideboard from the southern part of Bavaria, 1828-1830 by massiv and veneeered cherry wood is an example for
The form reduction and sobriety ideal of the Biedermeier era, timeless modernity and discreet elegance, which ist suitable to every art of modern furniture, the drawers are covered with fine insets, protruding karniegesims, pedestal feet.

State: very good condition, complete restauration or partial Ebonising of the Inner life and surfacing after speaking with the client.

Dimensions: 160 x 095 x 050
Art. Nr: 4589
Antiquities Daniel C. Nagel /Bad Honnef